10th International Conference "Early Childhood Care and Education" (ECCE 2020) will take place in Moscow, Russia, in autumn, 2020. ECCE is one of the largest international conferences devoted to modern childhood issues attended by academics, students, practitioners, and policymakers.

The organizers of the ECCE 2020 are the International Academy of Preschool Education Moscow (IAPE), MGIMO University and Preschool Education Quality Development Association.


  • Global Challenges
  • Preschool Education in the Digital Age
  • Healthy Child
  • Best Practices in Preschool Education
  • Small-size Kindergarten
  • Early Childhood Care and Education by Educational Disciplines
  • Personality Development in Early Childhood
  • Early Age
  • Family Is Competent Parents
  • Focus Region Tatarstan
  • Private Kindergarten
  • Economy and Administration in Early Childhood Education


MGIMO University is a leading institution of higher education in the field of international relations in Russia. MGIMO participates in supporting UN initiatives and often becomes a platform for major events aimed at achieving sustainable development goals (e.g. Moscow International Model United Nations, Global University Summit, etc.).

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