The International Committee

Chair of the International Committee:

Nikolay Veraksa – Rector of the International Academy of Preschool Education (Russia).

Members of the International Committee:

  • Nico van Oudenhoven – President of the International Child Development Initiatives (Netherlands).
  • Tamara Komarova – Professor at Moscow State University of Education (Russia).
  • Roger Saljo – Professor, Director of the Linnaeus Centre for Research on Learning, Interaction and Mediated Communication in Contemporary Society, University of Gothenburg (Sweden).
  • Elly Singer – Professor at the University Utrecht, University of Amsterdam (Netherlands).
  • Sonja Sheridan – Associate Head of Department of Education, Communication and Learning of University of Gothenburg, Professor (Sweden).
  • Igor Shiyan – Chairperson of the Laboratory of child development Scientific and Research Institute of Capital Education, Moscow City Teachers' Training University, Candidate of Sciences in Psychology (Russia).

The Organizing Committee

Chair of the Organizing Committee:

Anatoly Torkunov – Rector of Moscow's State Institute of International Relations, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, chairman of the United Nations Association of Russia (Russia).

Members of the Organizing Committee:

  • Alexey Borisov – The Secretary-General of the UN Association of Russia, Vice-President of the World Federation of UN Associations, Holder of the UNESCO Chair at MGIMO University (Russia)
  • Alexey Lubkov – Rector of Moscow Pedagogical State University, Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Education (Russia).
  • Alfiya Dorofeeva – President of Preschool Education Quality Development Association (Russia).
  • Grigory Ordzhonikidze – Secretary-General of the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO, Ambassador at large of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Russia).
  • Tigran Shmis – Senior Specialist in Education of Moscow Office of the World Bank (Russia).
  • Joachim Quintino-Aires – Director of the Vygotsky Institute of Lisbon (Portugal).

The Program Committee

Chair of the Program Committee:

Igor Remorenko – Rector of Moscow City University (Russia).

Members of the Program Committee:

  • Larisa Bayanova – Head of Department of General and Applied Psychology of Kazan Federal University (Russia)
  • Aleksander Veraksa – Head of Department of Psychology of Education and Pedagogics of the Faculty of Psychology of Lomonosov Moscow State University (Russia).
  • Tatiana Volosovets – Director of Institute of Psycho-Pedagogical Problems of Childhood of Russian Academy of Education, Professor (Russia).
  • Irina Komarova – Leading Researcher of the All-Russian Foreign Trade Academy, Ministry of Economic development of the Russian Federation (Russia).
  • Natalya Ryzhova – Professor at the Moscow City University (Russia).
  • Natalya Sklyarova – Prorector of Moscow Pedagogical State University (Russia).

The Executive Directorate

Executive Director: Inessa Grinchenko

Press Secretary: Dina Zaripova

Director for External Relations: Milana Soloveva

International Relationships Manager: Natalia Magay

Web-site of the Conference:

Contacts: +7 (495) 380-22-58, e-mail: