General program

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  • ICT in early childhood education
  • The global future of early education in the era of digitalization
  • Children in multicultural environment
  • Smart kindergarten for smart city
  • Preschool education for children with special needs
  • Role of play in early childhood
  • Investments in early childhood education
  • Quality of early childhood education
  • Executive functioning in early years
  • Child-adult communication
  • Gifted children
  • Professional development of teachers
  • Cognitive development of children
  • Development-friendly object-space environment
  • Mathematics in preschool
  • Executive functioning in early years
  • Mass media and early childhood development
  • Sociology of early childhood
  • Physical activity and health in early childhood
  • Artistic and aesthetic development in early childhood
  • Role of books in the development of a modern child
  • Ecological education for sustainable development of children
  • Toddler care and education
  • Kindergarten and Family
  • Public-private partnership Development in preschool education
  • Social partnership in preschool education

The recommended speech duration at ECCE 2019 sessions is no more than 15 minutes.