The 10th International Conference on "Early Childhood Care and Education" (ECCE 2020) offers an eventful scientific agenda: plenary sessions, scientific panels, and round tables.

Schedule of the 10th International Conference "Early Childhood Care and Education":

    May 27 — Pre-conference seminar*; childcare tour*

    May 28 — Conference opening session; plenary and breakout sessions

    May 29 — Plenary and breakout sessions

    May 30 — Open educational programme for Russian educators only (no simultaneous interpreting)

    * complementary options

    The ECCE 2020 programme is divided into thematic clusters, containing up to 6 scientific panels each. Such an approach ensures bundling of key issues in specific disciplines. In the course of a day, any visitor can follow all relevant reports without any need to leave the hall devoted to their domain of interest: early age, health, etc.

        Global Challenges:
      • Quality of Early Childhood Education
      • Professional Development of Teachers
      • Early Childhood Education Infrastructure
        Preschool Education in the Digital Age:
      • Preschool Education in the Age of Digitization: Multimedia Technology
      • Kids Play in the Digital Age
      • ICT in Early Childhood Education
        Healthy Child:
      • Preschool Education for Children with Special Needs
      • Threats to the Psychological Health of Children: Risk Areas and Ways of Recovery
      • Physical Development and Health of Preschool Children
        Best Practices in Preschool Education
        Small-size Kindergarten:
      • Content and Methodological Support
      • Economy and Administration of Small-size Kindergartens
        Early Childhood Care and Education by Educational Disciplines:
      • Educational Subject-Spatial Environment
      • Giftedness Development in Early Childhood Educational System
      • Artistic and Aesthetic Development in Early Childhood
      • Development of Mathematical Abilities of Children
      • Reading in Early Childhood
        Personality Development in Early Childhood:
      • Value System Development in Early Childhood
      • Emotional Development
      • Cognitive Development of Children in Kindergarten
        Early Age:
      • Early Childhood Care and Education
        Family Is Competent Parents::
      • Kindergarten and Family – Child-Adult Communication
        Focus Region Tatarstan
        Private Kindergarten:
      • Additional Education of Preschool Children
      • Social Entrepreneurship in Early Childhood Education
        Economy and Administration in Early Childhood Education:
      • Economy and Administration of Preschool Institutions
      • International Round Table of Preschool Institution Leaders
      • Panel Discussion of Preschool Institution Leaders: Experience Exchange
      • UN's 75th Anniversary: Achievement of Sustainable Development Goals
      • Big Data in Early Childhood Education
      • Children in Multicultural Environment
      • Panel Discussion of UNESCO Chairs
      • Environmental Education of Preschool Children in the Interests of Sustainable Development

    Scientific panel reports should not exceed 15 minutes.

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