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Education for Sustainable Development in Early Childhood

25 november 2020 г.

Welcome to session “Education for Sustainable Development in Early Childhood”!

Today sustainable education has become a priority in early education worldwide. At the section we will discuss various problems: social (including cultural issues), environmental and economic (teaching children to spare resources):

●   What a kindergarten can do for sustainable development

●   How relationships between children and adults can be transformed.

●   How children’s initiative could be supported;

●   How to organize projects for sustainable development;

●   How to teach children spare energy and resources;

●   How to use IT for teaching children

●   Why it is so important to change the learning environment

●   How to organize partnership with families

●   How to get children acquainted with cultures of different people

●   How to create “a green kindergarten”

University professors and kindergarten teachers from Russia and other countries will share their ideas and achievements. We welcome everyone who wants to make their kindergarten more attractive for children and their families, and help preschool education become more modern.

Simultaneous translation will be provided at the session.

Feel free to ask your questions, let’s discuss those problems together!

Head of the section, Ryzhova Natalia, Professor of the Moscow City Pedagogical University, Ph.D. in Pedagogy.

Date: 12th December

Time: 15.00-17.00 (Moscow time)

Online format, pre-registration needed: