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No one is born taught, neither to be a father neither to be a mother: Practice of Orientation to Parents of preschool children in the 21st century.

Joachim Quintino-Aires, PhD, Professor, Director of the Vygotsky Institute of Lisbon (Portugal)

Psychological development does not follow a predetermined plan, as with physiological development. Instead. Much of the beauty of development is being able to bring in human beings, more conscious, more autonomous, and freedom, which results precisely from this enormous plasticity. But from another angle, because this is the nature of human development, the success of each human being's opportunity to enjoy and savour his/her life is also less guaranteed. The years leading up to formal school are so significant in this process that the differences in each child are already immense. Understanding development as a process of acting in a relationship of complicity with an adult, we assume the important role of parents. A difficult task. But that is fundamental. We want to share the work we have developed in this area of Parenting in the last two decades, in a format that values and guides the debate, so that we can also know what other colleagues think and practice.