Before the general program of the conference, the participants can visit an additional seminar. The seminar is initiated by the organizing committee of the International Conference «Early Childhood Care and Education» to meet the needs of professionals that are interested in developing early childhood education all over the world. The seminar is conducted in English. The seminar is optional. If you want to take part in the pre-conference seminar, please fill in the registration form and chose an extra option “Pre-conference”.

16 May, 04.00 p.m. - 06.00 p.m.

Pre-conference round table “How to implement the Ideas of Sustainable Development in ECCE?”


  • Natalya Ryzhova – PhD, professor, Moscow City University (Russia).
  • Nektarios Stellakis – OMEP Regional Vice President for Europe, University of Patras (Greece).
  • The round table aims to share views on critical questions related to learning and teaching for sustainable development in early childhood education. As it is well known UN adopted 17 Goals (2015), which can be divided into social, economic and environmental areas. A specific educational input about what sustainability means to individual, community, state, and world should be discussed. On the other hand there are many political parameters (equity, inclusion, citizenship, gender, consumption, social cohesion etc) that make this discussion difficult especially in early childhood education settings. This is why pedagogues should be trained in a different and “new” type of education aimed at dialogue, democracy, empowerment, ready to discuss and negotiate issues of culture, power, common responsibility, advocacy etc. A fruitful way of such a training program should share and discuss good practices and for that reason in this panel we are going to show some educational projects on ESD in ECEC.