Childcare tours

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Every year ECCE participants have an opportunity to learn Russian kindergarten’s everyday activity first hand, to discover the features of early childhood education in Russia. Childcare tour will acquaint the participants with the object-space environment and educational process at one of the leading kindergartens of Russia’s capital.

If you want to join childcare tours, please fill in the registration form and choose an extra option “Childcare tours”.

The participants of ECCE 2019 and Childcare tours will visit:

Chudo-sadik (Kindergarten “Miracle”, чудо (rus.) [chudo] = miracle (eng.))

The kindergarten is like a Wonderland - the interior of group rooms, halls, studio rooms, which are fi with modern environmentally friendly materials, reproduces the wonderful, unique world of childhood full of colors, secrets and mysteries: chamomile sofas, hangers- trees, ottomans, mushrooms ... Swimming pool with gaming rides, lights, a waterfall and zones of air-bubble massage. There are walking playgrounds with slides and merry-go-rounds, swings and labyrinths, next to which Russian folklore characters are getting along: Baba Yaga and the Teddy Bear, the Hut on Chicken Legs and the Magic Ship.

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