Abstract Submission. Annual International Conference "Early Childhood Care and Education" - ECCE 2017



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Abstract Submission

Application stages:

  1. The applicants are to preliminary register for their participation in the Conference. Preliminary registration shall be interpreted as the applicant’s intent to take part in the Conference. The applicant may wait until the decision of the abstracts committee to pay (or abstain from paying) the participation fee. Alongside with this, only those applicants, who have paid the registration fee and obtained a corresponding confirmation from the Secretariat, will be registered.
  2. The applicant is to create a publication application based on the template and make sure that the abstract does not contain more than 350 words
  3. The applicant is to file the application.
  4. After receiving the acceptance for publication/presentation applicant should pay the registration fee.

General conditions

  1. Abstracts can be submitted in English or Russian 
  2. Volume: 

    It should not normally
    exceed 350 words.

  3. Each participant may supply 1 abstract at max as the main author and any number of abstracts as a co-author
  4. Only those reports or abstracts can be presented at the Conference that have never been published or presented at other conferences before
  5. If applying for an oral presentation, the applicant is to select “oral presentation”. If applying for publication only with no follow-up personal presentation, the applicant is to select “abstracts for publication”.
  6. Final form of presentation (Oral or Poster) is approved by the Program Committee.
  7. Structure: 
  • Research problem
  • Research methodology
  • Aims and methods
  • results (or lessons learnt)
  • conclusion and findings (or next steps)

The Program Committee has the right not to publish the abstracts which are irrelevant to the subject of the Conference, or if the materials do not meet the requirements for scientific publications.

ALL accepted abstracts will be published in the Conference Proceedings & Abstract Book.


Example of a abstracts:

Summary: The research aims at studying …


Key words: development of a child, education...


Elkonin, D.B. & Dragunova, T.V. 1967. Age and individual characteristics of junior adolescents. М.

In the list of references, use the following system:
An authored book:
Author, I. year. The title. City.

A paper published in a journal:
Author, I. year. The title of the paper, in Journal Volume/Issue number, pages.

A chapter in an edited work:
Author, I. year. The title of the chapter, in Editor (ed.) The title of the work, pages. City.

An internet source:
Author, I. year. The title of the article. URL address (Consulted 10.02.2013)

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