International Partnership. Annual International Conference "Early Childhood Care and Education" - ECCE 2016





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International Partnership

Partner-Country status implies:
  • Participation of the official delegation in the business program of the Conference
  • Support and welcome address from the Partner-Country’s embassy in Russia
  • Presentation of the latest research results at the Plenary meeting and workshops
  • Presentation of the latest achievements, research results and early education techniques at the exhibition
  • Administrative and information support of the Conference

China was the 2016 Partner-Country

Partner Country of ECCE 2016 is China. We are expecting as our Speakers of Honor

Jing Zhou
Professor, Director of the International Research Center on Child Development and Education in East China Normal University, a consultant for UNESCO

Qian Liu
Associate Professor at Faculty of Education, East China Normal University, director of Management Committee of the National Early Education Association in China

Limin Hou
Professor and Director of the Department of Early Childhood Education, Guangxi Normal University

Sweden was the 2015 Partner-Country


Latest research results were presented by the University of Gothenburg

Welcome address from the cultural attaché and counselor of the Swedish  Embassy in Moscow
Mr. M. Frankby

Keynote speaker – Professor of the  University of Gothenburg
S. Sheridan

Keynote speaker – Professor of the University  of Gothenburg, World President of the OMEP
I. Samuelsson

Germany was the 2013 Partner-Country


Latest research results were presented by the representatives of the German Education
Ministry, Goethe-Institut and Munich University of Applied Sciences (MUAS)

Conference is opened by the German  Ambassador
U. Brandenburg

Keynote speaker – referent of the Goethe-Institut
J. Elsner

Keynote speaker – Professor of the
MUAS C. Ueffing

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